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An evening out and you have to carry your cell, some cash, your card, your keys, and what do you turn to as your faithful savior? Clutches are god’s gift to the party bag conundrum. You need something tiny, you need something pretty, but you need something that will allow you to carry the basics you can’t do without. And that’s where you opt to carry a clutch. At Studio Rudraksh we have curated a collection of designer clutches that work for your traditional and contemporary needs both. From ornate, embellished pieces in fabrics like brocaded and suede to cheeky pieces that are a reflection of today’s cultural revolutions, from traditional shapes that work for a classic, elegant outing to unique silhouettes that are icebreakers at a get-together, we have hand-picked a collection of designer clutches that will set your heart aflutter. Browse through our picks and fall in love with clutches that will become the mainstay of your wardrobe.